Because we have multiple staff members our prices will vary and we can pretty much accommodate any budget needs

Sample Wedding Ceremony & Reception Video Package:

  • 2 cameras at ceremony, 1 at reception, 1 professional video operator for the day
  • Videos will be shot on 2 full 1080 HD cameras and professionally edited
  • 4 copies on DVD in leather cases
  • Final video to include multiple chapters including:
  • Ceremony edited as a live event: fading in between camera angles
  • Reception formalities left in entirety: intros, formal dances, toasts, cake, etc
  • Reception dancing: actual footage from the reception will be included (times vary)
  • Wedding day highlight collage: includes highlights from the day as a music video (your song choice)

Other Packages Available

* 6 Hour Video Package

* 8 Hour Video Package

* Hourly Options Available

* How We Met Video with Personalized interviews of bride & groom prior to the wedding


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